Thursday March 30, 2017

Volume 28  Number 5

September - October 1990 Issue





Special Article 

            Specialty Societies – Its Prevalence to the Health Care Program of the Country

            Clemente M. Amante, M.D., FPCP


Original Articles 

The COPD Comprehensive Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program: More Hope for the COPD Patient 

Evangelina Santos, M.D., Pilar Centina, Ph.D., Alberto Santos, M.D., Danilo Ventura, M.D., Fermin Manalo, M.D., and Calixto Zaldivar, Jr., M.D., FPCP


The Use of Floaters in the Prevention of Decubitus Ulcer in a Pulmonary ICU Setting 

Rey A. Desales M.D. and Evan Mendoza, M.D.


A Comparative Study on Pulmonary Function Test Results Between the Morris and the Filipino Standards 

Dina V. Diaz, M.D. and Eula Martha E. Santos, M.D. 


Transthoracic Needle Biopsy in Mediastinal Tumors 

Rey A. Desales, M.D., and Rodolfo P. Gregorio, M.D. 


Silver Nitrate: Use in Malignant Pleural Effusion

Rey A. Desales, M.D., Guillermo B. Barroa, Jr., M.D. and Cesar A. Millar, M.D. 


Scoring System Evaluation of Mortality and Survival of Intensive Care Unit Patients 

Raoul V.  Villarete, M.D. and Loida Fe B. Racaza, M.D.


Stair Climb: Screening Fitness Test – Its Value 

Stanley N. Padilla, M.D.


A Comparative Study of Early Morning Sputum Versus 24-Hour Sputum Collection in the Cytologic Diagnosis of Carcinoma of the Lung

Vivien Gay P. Edrozo, M.D., Ellen Dannug-Manlucu, M.D., Nelia Tan-Liu, M.D. and Aileen Riego-Javier, M.D. 


The Efficacy of a New Oxygen Source Device on Hypoxemic Patients 

Luisito F. Idolor, M.D.


Superior Vena Caval Obstruction: Clinico – Venographic Correlation 

Cynthia T. Habaluyas, M.D., Mirriam Calaguas, M.D. and Antonio C. Garcia, M.D.