Phil. Journal of Internal Medicine (Vol.55 No.1)

Volume 55 Number 1
January - March 2017 Issue





Research as a Requirement
Jubert P. Benedicto, M.D. 

Legal Prescription

Prescribing Dangerous Drugs and the Law (Part 4)

Atty. Rodel V. Capule M.D.

Consensus Guidelines

       The Joint Philippine Society of Gastroenterology (PSG) and Philippine Society of Digestive Endoscopy (PSDE) Consensus Guidelines on the Management of Colorectal Carcinoma

          Jose D. Sollano, M.D.; Marie Antoinette dC. Lontok, M.D.; Mark Anthony A. de Lusong, M.D.; Rommel P. Romano, M.D.; Therese C. Macatula, M.D.; Diana A. Payawal, M.D.; Joseph C. Bocobo, M.D.; Frederick T. Dy, M.D.; Edgardo M. Bondoc, M.D.; Ernesto G. Olympia, M.D.; Jaime G. Ignacio, M.D.; Felicisimo C. Agas, M.D.; Marichona C. Naval, M.D.; Evan G. Ong, M.D.; Arsenio L. Co, M.D.; Bernadette A. Moscoso, M.D.; John Arnel N. Pangilinan, M.D.; Marie Michelle S. Cloa, M.D.; Jose Augusto G. Galang, M.D.; Albert E. Ismael, M.D.; Ma. Lourdes O. Daez, M.D.; Peter P. Sy, M.D.; Yvonne L. Mina, M.D.

Original Papers

Prevalence of Elevated TSH and its Association with Dyslipidemia and NAFLD Among Filipino Adult Executive Check-up Patients in a Tertiary Hospital 
Rochelle C. Lingad-Sayas, M.D.; Carolyn N. Montano, M.D. and Maria Jocelyn C. Isidro, M.D. 


Efficacy and Safety of Subcutaneous Insulin Analogue Versus Intravenous Insulin Infusion Among Patients with Mild to Moderate Diabetic Ketoacidosis at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital

        Charlene Ann V. Balili, M.D. and Maria Honolina S. Gomez, M.D.


         Ma. Lucila Dianongco, M.D.; Marc Gregory Yu, M.D. and Ester Penserga, M.D.



         Marc Gregory Yu, M.D.; Antonio Faltado, Jr., M.D. and Laura Rosario Acampado, M.D.
Case Report

Frederick E. Ogbac, M.D.; Kristine T. Gapuz, M.D.; Cherisse Ann P. Panlilio, M.D. and Alicia N. Baldonado, M.D.


         Lynne Michelle B. Soldivillo, M.D.; Rosalina Espiritu Picar, M.D. and Allen Evaristo, M.D.
          Joanavi Montesclaros Ordoña-Miranda, M.D.; Sharon Rose Mortel, M.D. and Daisy Angeles Jarcia, M.D.


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