Phil. Journal of Internal Medicine (Vol.6 No.4)

Volume 6 Number 4

October - December 1968 Issue



Clinical Studies 

           Urine Corticosteroid Excretion Studies in Hemorrhagic Fever

           Gabriel Carreon, James Tan and Metodia Palaypay

          The Seasonal Incidence of Bronchial Asthma I. The Relationship of Asthma Consults with Pollen Counts

           Amelia Castillo-Ochoa and Benigno F. Agbayani and Amelia Castillo-Ochoa


Case Reports

The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Evelyn Santos, Martesio C. Perez, Romeo Borromeo and Vicente Ramirez

Brief Note

           Philippine Chikungunya, Some Post-Epidemic Considerations

           Leonides Paguia


Symposium on Medical Problems in Pregnancy (concluded) 

           The Role of the Internist in the Management of the Pregnant Diabetic

           Augusto D. Litonjua

           Heart Disease in Pregnancy: Recognition and Management

           Gregorio B. Patacsil, Jr.

            Hematologic Disorders and Pregnancy II. Aplastic Anemia and Pregnancy: Analysis of 5 Cases and Review of Pertinent Literature

            Vidal Borromeo, Emmanuel Besa and Alendry P. Caviles, Jr.

Clinico-Pathological Conference

            Machine-Like Murur and Wide Pulse Pressure

            Edited by Ernesto de Veyra, Jr.

PSBIM Examination Questions 

PCP News

Author and Subject Index 



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