Phil. Journal of Internal Medicine (Vol.47 No.4)

PJIM  July-August 2009 Issue
 Volume 47 Number 4




Letter to the Editor

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
                 Alberto Daysog, Jr., M.D., FPCP

Legal Prescription for Doctors

Advance Health Care Directives
                Atty. Rodel V. Capule, M.D., FPCP

Special Articles

Community Involvement in Strategic Hypertension Management
                 Ramon F. Abarquez, Jr., M.D., EFACC, FPCC, FPCP, CSPSH

Policies on Healthcare of Older Persons: Implications to Internal Medicine Training and Practice
                 Shelley F. de la Vega, M.D., MSc, FPSGM

Original Articles

Severity Outcome of Acute Ishemic Stroke in Corellation to Hyperglycemia
                 Genalin A. Estandian, M.D., Carmenchu Rueda, M.D.,Clara Rivera, M.D., Melanio Grayda, M.D.,
                 and Johnny Lokin, M.D.

Mini-Mental Status Examination Profile of the Elderly Filipino Hemodialysis Patient
                 Marc Evans M. Abat, M.D., Florosita A. Reyes, M.D., and Miguel A. Ramos Jr., M.D.

SGPT Check and Risk Factor Evaluation for Early Liver Disease Detection
                 Alma Casareo, M.D., Jaime Ignacio, M.D., and Marievi Lelis

Case Report

Trisomy 8, 19, 21 Associated Myeloproliferative/Myedysplastic Syndrome (Case Report)
                 Loida Cruz-Torres, M.D., and Jesus Relos, M.D.

Medical Grand Rounds (St. Lukes Medical Center, Department of Medicine)

A 35-year old Female, with High Grade Fever and Rashes (Medical Grandrounds)
                 Limdawati Kwee, M.D.

Drug Trial

Improved Glycaemic Control and Less Hypoglycaemia with Novarapid Flexpen (Insulin Aspart) in Filipino Patients with Acute Hyperglycaemia
                 Richard Elwyn Fernando, M.D., Gerry H. Tan, M.D., and Editha Arceo-Dalisay, M.D.